Apple’s September 9th Special Event

As you may have already heard, on Thursday, Apple announced that they would be holding a conference for the media on September 9th. There is no clear indication in the title of their invitation about what will be announced specifically. Only the words ”Wish we could say more.” are featured, along with the numbers 9.9.2014 giving away the date. However, rumours, speculation, and just plain common sense are pointing to some exciting updates to the Cupertino giant’s product line for 2014.

New iPhones

Every year since 2011, Apple has held a conference in the early fall and announced improvements to their mobile phone lines. There are obviously no new iPhones on the market since last year’s iPhone 5S and 5C, so it’s a safe bet to assume this event will feature new smartphones. Seeing that last year’s new smartphones only had incremental upgrades rather than a full redesign, we will probably be seeing a much different iPhone or iPhones come September 9th. In fact the rumour mill about this year’s new iPhones has been spinning since the later fall of 2013! It is said that the alleged ”iPhone 6” will come in two varieties, one with a 4.7 inch screen, and another with a 5.5 inch screen. The former is said to be more likely to be announced at the conference, with the latter speculated to launch in a later time period, possibly as late as early 2015. These upgrades would be a significant step for Apple, which has kept it’s phones’ screen sizes at 4 inches for the past two years.


It is also rumoured that, unlike Apple’s previous iPhone launches, the company will also announce an entirely new product line: a smartwatch. Dubbed ”iWatch” this new wearable  would be first truly new product from Apple since the iPad, which was launched in 2010. Apple would be late to the game with this new gadget, seeing as smartwatches have been around for the better part of two years now. However they haven’t really taken off in a mass scale. Right now, you’ll really only see geeks wearing the funky-look squared devices on their wrists. Apple may have been taking it’s time to perfect the technology and get it right for consumers. One feature that has been heavily rumoured is the integration of the so-called iWatch with the new Health app coming along with Apple’s iOS 8. The device would gather data from your body such as heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and more. If the iWatch causes the smartwatch trend to catch on, it could bring huge benefits to the population’s overall health by making it simple to track vital information about your well-being.

All of these exciting rumours will be confirmed or debunked on September 9th. Visit Apple’s website next Tuesday to find out.